After Surgery


Pocketed Bras

Your fitting starts with the properly fitted bra.  We have pocketed bras and matching bra and panty sets too help you feel comfortable and look beautiful!  

At the Perfect Balance Boutique we have a large selection of bras from which to choose.  We give you the choice!  We do not make the choices for you!

We offer sports bras, front close bras, leisure bras and a line of everyday bras to suit all your needs.  

Customer Breast Prosthesis

Custom Breast Prosthesis

This option is for women who decide against reconstruction but want to restore their silhouette. The forms are designed to look, feel and move naturally to help restore your body's image.

Click below to find out more about our custom breast forms. 

Silicone Breast Prosthesis


  • It is very important to get weight back on your chest wall as soon as possible after your surgery.   
  • Breast forms came in many shapes to ensure we can add symmetry to your silhouette.  
  • As a fitter, we need different options so we can provide solutions to every woman who comes through our door.  
  • Breast forms go into the pocket of your bra and with the proper fit will give you the silhouette you have come to expect.
  • Breast forms come in may different styles. Some are made of soft silicone.   Some are made with 
  • Comfort Technology which works with your body as it warms and cools.    We also have Prosthesis that have a natural drape and moves like your natural breast.   
  • We can also offer you a Contact Breast Prosthesis which adheres directly to the chest wall.  These require more care than than a Prosthesis which fits in the pocketed bra.
  • Ask us to show you all the options we have available for you! 

Silicone Breast Prosthesis
Silicone Breast Prosthesis

Port Pillows, mastectomy pillows, Shower Shirts

Chest pillow


This pillow is the must have  pillow following any surgeries on your chest.  Very soft pillow with wings for resting your arms.    I recommend that you purchase this pillow prior to surgery for use in the hospital and for the care ride home!  Not just for Mastectomy patients!

Shower Shirt


The shower shirt is a post surgical water resistant garment to protect chest surgery patients requiring drains, ports and catheters when showering.  

Who can benefit from the shower shirt?

Mastectomy patients, dialysis patients, wound vac, central lines and infusion pump patients, any patient currently with an upper body surgery.   See 

them at the Perfect Balance Boutique! 

Port and Seatbelt Pillows


 A portacath is a small port placed beneath the skin so that cancer patients can get their chemotherapy. It is often uncomfortable when a seatbelt rubs it. A Port Pillow attaches onto the seatbelt to protect the port from being irritated. 

 Is your seat belt hitting your pacemaker or a tender spot? This is a mighty little pillow to help ease your ouch!
This wonderful handcrafted port pillow will help to cushion the area where a port, pacemaker, medical device or a sore/tender area is that the seat belt rubs that needs some extra padding. 

Compression Bra


A light compression vest with zip front closure and hook and eye placket.

Straps are cushioned with fasteners that allow for adaptable positioning providing ease of dressing or wasy access to your port.

Need a bag for your Chemo-Bag


This would make a great Chemo bag!   Guess who has them?  Perfect Balance Boutique, that's who!   We have these bags in an assortment of patterns.

Life After Breast Cancer


Never be ashamed of a scar .....

It simply means you were stronger that whatever tried to hurt you


I had Cancer ....

Cancer Never Had Me .......