Contact Breast Form

Contact Breast Form

Contact Breast Form


The Contact form adheres directly to your chest wall and moves with your body!  When you wear the Contact form it relieves pressure on your shoulders and provides a sense of lighter weight.

This is a great form for your active lightstyle.

Contact Form Care

Contact Breast Form

Contact Breast Form


Caring for your contact Form is a little more work than the standard silicone prosthesis.  

The form comes with its own cleaning kit and is highly recommended that you follow all instructions for proper adhesion.

 Back pad allows attachable breast forms to be worn traditionally in a pocketed bra.

  • The foils protect the adhesive  back during storage to protect against dirt and lint.

  • Material: Nylon.
  • Latex-Free.

Breast Prosthesis

Contact Breast Form

Custom Breast Prosthesis


Not all Breast Prosthesis work well for every woman.  As a fitter, we are fortunate to be able to have many options available to us to best help you achieve symetry, balance and the perfect silhouette.

Breast Prosthesis come in many shapes and sizes making each fitting personalized.

Custom Breast Prosthesis

Custom Breast Prosthesis

Custom Breast Prosthesis


This is a custom breast prosthesis.  

This prosthesis is specifically designed for you.  

Does your breast form shift and move, requiring you to adjust it throughout the day?

Custom Breast Forms are a truly personalized breast form. 

They are light weight for comfort

Fit in all the right places

Gives a very natural look 

 A custom breast prosthesis hugs the chest wall and mimics the appearance, shape, and feel of a real breast ...

These breast forms are becoming the choice of women who decide against reconstruction.

This form is designed to fit around your scars and fill in the contours of your chest wall. 

  Custom molded to fit each individual, these forms offer choices not available with a standard off-the-shelf breast form. 

 Every detail of a woman’s breast is artfully sculpted for a one-of-a-kind custom, hand-crafted fit

 Custom made to a woman’s unique contour, shape and profile, restoring her natural look and confidence

 Achieving a symmetrical appearance after breast surgery can be challenging. 

A custom breast prosthesis may be the perfect solution. 

Custom molded to fit each individual,

 A custom Prosthesis offers choices not available with a standard off-the-shelf breast form. 

 Custom breast forms can also be made to match your personal preferences for the skin tone and feel of a breast, creating the most natural look possible. 


A Custom Breast form allows you to pursue a fulfilling and active lifestyle post-mastectomy.

  If you've had a mastectomy which has left you very concave or lumpy, and it's difficult to find a regular prosthesis that can contour to your chest surface, then these custom-made prostheses might be helpful. 

Also, if you've had a unilateral mastectomy  and you want the closest possible match to your natural breast, the custom breast forms can do that probably better than a regular form. 

These are covered by some insurances.

Make your appointment and let us show you this form and see if it is right for you.  We can verify the coverage with your insurance company. 

Breast form Q & A

Custom Breast Prosthesis

Breast form Q & A


Q: Is there any way to make wearing my breast prosthesis cooler in warm weather?

A: Wearing the breast prosthesis inside the bra pocket keeps the prosthesis off the skin. This creates more ventilation to evaporate perspiration. Some women claim that a lighter weight prosthesis feels cooler. It is very important to wear a bra that supports the breasts and prosthesis and keeps them from resting on the abdomen, as constant moisture in this area can create skin irritation. You can also try the Comfort+ breast forms by Amoena. They use Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology to keep a woman cool when her body temperature rises and keeps her warm when her body temperature lowers.

Q: How do I clean my breast prosthesis?

A: Amoena® Soft Cleanser is recommended for daily use. Skin oils can break down the outer skin of a breast prosthesis and shorten the useful life of the prosthesis. It is a good idea to clean the prosthesis every night and store it in its cradle.

Q: What is the expected lifetime of a silicone breast prosthesis?

A: Most Amoena breast prostheses are warranted against manufacturer’s defects for two years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage to the prosthesis from punctures or erosion to the skin of the prosthesis from perfume or lotions. Premium breast prostheses may last longer than two years with proper care. It is still a good idea to see a Certified Mastectomy Fitter yearly to have a fit assessment, as women’s bodies change with age and weight.

Q: My prosthesis feels heavy. Is it too large?

A: The first thing to evaluate in this situation is the fit of the bra. Bras have a lifespan of three to six months of constant use before they need to be replaced. If the bra doesn’t adequately support the prosthesis and hold it snugly against the chest wall, then the straps of the bra end up supporting the weight of the prosthesis and pulling down on the shoulder area.

Another option to consider is a Contact adhesive breast form. These help distribute the weight of the form onto the chest wall so the bra straps don't have to hold so much support, and thus, sometimes feels "lighter."

Q: Is a lighter weight breast prosthesis appropriate for me?

A: Many women who cannot tolerate a weighted silicone prosthesis find that a lightweight prosthesis is much more comfortable. Some medical conditions such as lymphedema or osteoporosis of the spine warrant a lightweight prosthesis.

Q: I had a lumpectomy, breast conserving surgery or reconstruction. Is there a prosthesis for me?

A: Balance Symmetry Shapers are partial prostheses or "shells," made of the same high quality silicone used in premium Amoena prostheses. The difference is that Balance is much thinner, and can go over a breast that just needs a little more fullness in front or on the side to provide symmetry.