Reconstruction or Prosthesis


Deciding whether or not to have a breast rebuilt is a very personal choice. Take the time you need to learn about how breast reconstruction might affect you, both emotionally and physically, before you decide to have the surgery. There are two main categories of reconstruction:

  • implant reconstruction, which uses a saline or silicone implant to create a breast shape
  • autologous or flap reconstruction, which takes tissue from another area of your body to create a breast form

If you decide that breast reconstruction isn’t right for you but still want a breast shape, a prosthesis, also called a breast form, can help you look balanced without surgery. You can use a prosthesis (or two prostheses, if you’ve had a double mastectomy) if you want the appearance of breasts but want to hold off on reconstruction or not have it at all.

A prosthesis is the fastest way to fill the space where your breast was. You can slip it into your bra or bathing suit and appear as you did before surgery — and this is a big relief for many women, especially after losing a breast and making so many major decisions.


Patients prioritize reconstruction goals in the order below when making decisions:

  1. receiving the most effective anti-cancer therapy above and beyond anything else, including reconstruction
  2. the ability to function fully and comfortably after recovering from the reconstruction procedure
  3. aesthetics: the way the reconstructed breast feels and looks as far as size, shape, and symmetry with the other breast
  4. practical considerations: timing, cost, availability, length of recovery

It's also important to know that while breast reconstruction rebuilds the shape of the breast, it doesn't restore sensation to the breast or the nipple. Over time, the skin over the reconstructed breast can become more sensitive to touch, but it won't be exactly the same as it was before surgery.


Adhesive Nipples

  • Adhesive nipples are ideal for wearing with tight fitting tops. They;re fully self adhesive for fast and easy application and removal. Made from a soft silicone that shapes itself to the curve of the breast/breast form. 
  • You may also opt to use adhesive nipples on your reconstructed breast for a more natural and flattering appearance. 

Partial Prosthesis

  • Partial Breast Forms and Shapers offer a solution to women who enperience breat asymmetry after a lumpectomy, reconstruction or multiple biopsies.  Even to enhance the natural shape of your breasts.

  • Partials come in many shapes, styles and thickness. offering a product to fit your needs.

  • Shapers and partials are designed with tapered edges to match the natural curve of your breast tissue.  They also go inside the pocket of your bra where it provides a smooth and even silhouette.

  • This type of breast prosthesis is designed to be worn over your own breast tissue to enhance the overall size of the breast and to create a fuller appearance.