Our Spring Line of Swimsuits


Swimwear care instructions

Before your swim:   

  1. After you have donned your swim suit,  shower in clean water before entering the pool or the ocean.  Your swimsuit will absorb less chlorine.  
  2. Use only oil free lotions.  Lotions can be damaging to your swimwear.

After your swim:

  1. Turn the swimsuit inside out and immediately hand wash in cool water using mild soap.  This should get rid of most of the salt, sand and chlorine trapped in the fabric.  Body oils and perspiration will also be removed.  All these things can break down the elasticity of your new swimsuit.
  2. Do not wring the swimsuit. Instead, lay it on a dry light colored towel and roll it to dry, using  a gentle squeezing motion.
  3. Lay the swimsuit flat or hang to dry.  Do Not store your swimsuit unless it is completely dry.
  4. Never use an iron or your dryer to dry your swimsuit as the intense heat can damage the product.
  5. To avoid the "saggy, baggy swimsuit look", try to wait about 24 hours before wearing the swimsuit again. 

If you are a regular swimmer, take water aerobics class, or spend a lot of time in a hot tub, you will find that you may need to replace your swimsuit more often.  You might want to consider having two swimsuits available to you in these instances.  

Swim Prosthesis

We offer Swim Prosthesis for your swimsuits to fill out your suit and offer the balance and symmetry of a regular prosthesis.  We do not recommend using your every day prosthesis as a swim form as the chemicals can break it down causing the need for a replacement.  If you are not due to receive a new prosthesis at that time, you would have to purchase the item out of pocket.



The Active Breast Form is ideal for post-surgery, leisure and moderate activities like yoga, swimming, gardening, exercise classes and jogging. It is quick-drying spacer fabric and is lightweight microbeads.

 Active Breast Form Highlights

  • Dries quickly 
  • Water-friendly 
  • Great for active wear
  • Fills out apex of bra 
  • Microbeads conform to chest wall


Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form is a swim prosthesis made from a clear silicone which is water-resistant and dries quickly. It is ideal to leave in the pocket of the swimsuit for extra convenience, supplied with a handy water-resistant bag that's ideal for carrying Aqua Wave and a wet costume.

Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form Highlights:

  • Designed for swimming
  • 30% lighter than standard breast forms
  • Versatile new shape gives a great outline in all sizes
  • Supplied with a handy waterproof bag

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