Post op Garments and Leisure Forms

During Your Recovery

Post Surgical Garments

Your breast cancer surgery whether a complete mastectomy or lumpectomy, can be a traumatic experience. We are here to guide you through the garments that will be best suited to your needs.  Recovery garments are designed to meet your needs immediately after surgery.   These garments take into consideration skin sensitivity issues and your range of motion.  

Leisure Forms

Temporary breast forms designed for use immediately following your surgery.   Priforms are filled with lightweight fiberfill which can be added or removed to adjust volume to the desired size.  

Post op Camisole

Post op Camisole

Post op Camisole


Velcro attachable pouches fasten to the interior band for drain management. 

The strap opens to make your port more accessible.

This garment may be purchased prior to your surgery.

Post op Camisole

Post op Camisole



 There are really only two things that need to be said to someone you love facing cancer of any stage: 

I'm here. 


I love you. 

Post op Garments

Post op Garments

Post op Garments


 Depending on individual policies post surgery garments may be covered by Medicare and private insurance . Post-operative camisoles include two fiberfill leisure forms for symmetry, and two removable pouches for drain management. 

Ask us to verify your insurance benefits to see if these garments are covered through your insurance.  

Post op forms

Post op Garments

Post op Garments


These soft, polyfill forms are lightweight and are used to help with your symetry before you are cleared by your Surgeon for your prosthesis.  These forms go into the pocket of your 

post- op bra.

 Most women will be able to wear a silicone prosthesis  once there are no longer any open wounds or stitches. This is usually 6-8 weeks post-op. Camisoles and post - op bras that have soft attachable prosthesis can be worn immediately post surgery until the surgical site is healed. 

Recovery and Comfort

Post Op and Leisure Bras

  • Our post op bras can also be purchased prior to your surgery.  We can supply you with drain pouches to attach to the inside band for post op drainage.  

  • These bras can be used without drain pouches as a comfortable every day bra or also as a sleep bra during your recovery.

  • Ultra-soft, high cotton fabric offers comfort to sensitive skin.

  • Front closure

  • Can use this bra with a post op form that will easily fit into the sewn in pockets of this bra.

  • Drain pouches attach securely to the band of your bra for comfort.

  • This bra is not only for post op but can also be worn as a leisure bra or a sleep bra.